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Any, Remixed

For one aspiring musician who has grown up in her famous father’s shadow,

It’s time to speak up.

It’s time to act out.

It is her time.

Any, Remixed won Most Promising YA Manuscript in SCBWI CenCal’s Writer’s Day 2017 fiction contest. The anonymous judge commented “ANY, REMIXED has smooth prose and natural dialogue, and the writer has solid story-telling sense. From the first paragraph readers know they’re in capable hands.”  The manuscript also won First Runner Up in SCBWI Los Angeles’ Writer’s Days (2014) fiction contest where it was described as “exceptionally vivid and mesmerizing,” with “effortless writing and spot-on characterizations.” Find out more at


Bridge of Secrets

It is 1929. In the prosperous city of Pasadena, California, a new eugenic organization has just been recognized by the American Eugenics Association. The group – the Society for Fitter Families – is led by local physician and noted community member Charles Richmond. The doctor has a daughter, who wants to be like him when she is grown – a talented physician who helps those in need. Though her father’s organization staunchly advocates traditional familial roles, the girl knows an exception will be made for her. When rumors begin to circulate that the girl is flawed, perhaps even feebleminded, her parents decide she  must be treated for her shortcomings, before gossip turns into something more pernicious. Don’t worry, they tell the girl, she can be cured. They’re sure of it.

Bridge of Secrets was nominated for UCLA Writer’s Program James Kirkwood Literary Prize (2015), and the Allegra Johnson Prize in Novel Writing (2016).

Forgotten Angels

Set in the Philippines in 1942, Forgotten Angels explores themes of faith, freedom and forgiveness through the eyes of four military nurses caught in the chaos of war. Recently awarded the Sue Alexander Grant (2017, SCBWI-Los Angeles), the opening scene of Forgotten Angels was described as hooking the reader into the story of “feisty Vivian, who joined the Army as a nurse. Vivian had an idea it would be a glamorous jaunt, but finds herself in a makeshift Philippine jungle hospital without beds, medicine and bandages. . . Custer paints vivid scenes using all the senses. And what page-turning drama! The submission ends with a bombing that leaves us wondering if Vivian’s doctor-boyfriend is alive or dead.”